Gaël Escribe called for a special support of NEXUS global suppliers operating in China in a context of flat growth in the local Automotive Aftermarket

Geneva, 2023, July 11th NEXUS Automotive International was delighted with the response to its 7th edition of Connecting Days, which took place from July 6th – 7th. During this annual event, Gael Escribe introduced the 130+ attendees from 80 companies to the latest trends. The two-day conference further enhanced relationships and created mutually beneficial opportunities.


During the event, the NEXUS’ CEO and his Chinese team presented a pro-active plan to enable NEXUS to deliver on its promise act as a growth accelerator with a target of 20% through such activities as the:

– N! Ambassador Program for creating more business in smaller cities,

– N! Choice Program to optimize digital sales and promotional activities,

– N! Academy WeChat to reinforce managerial and technical training.

Gaël Escribe is calling for uncompromising support from NEXUS partners at a time when the Chinese aftermarket is going through a complex and slow-growth period. Indeed, he is counting on this support to increase the compliance ratio within the N! network in China and to maximize the business opportunities for N! partners. This comes during a period when some of these partners are being weakened by the growing power of Chinese manufacturers and by a context of weak growth, caused by cautious or even weakened household consumption. These factors are in addition to the exponential rise of the EV car park and its implication on the local Aftermarket.

Gaël Escribe, CEO of NEXUS Automotive International said: “I am very happy to attended this event and to met our community again, especially after the COVID-crisis. These face-to-face meetings are crucial for our industry to be able to move ahead with the transformation and the emergence of new market players. To sum-up: “Help us, to help you!”


About NEXUS Automotive International

Established in 2014 by CEO Gaël Escribe, NEXUS Automotive International, the automotive aftermarket (AA) company, is shaping the future of the AA.

Thanks to an entrepreneurial, innovative and agile mindset, N! disrupts the industry bringing innovative solutions for a more sustainable, digital and connected mobility. At the same time, it supports its community of more than 163 members in 139 countries, allied with 100 global suppliers, by providing services to accelerate their growth.

N! is offering new approaches and new ideas for a connected, global and consolidated world of tomorrow to accelerate the success of car and heavy-duty spare parts and services distributors and manufacturers, through 16 regional structures that connect them.

NEXUS’ consolidated turnover was more than 40 billion euros in 2023.

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