Brake discs, pads, drums, shoes and shoes kits now available in the new 2 400 references Braking System catalog : Friction 360.

Valeo publishes the new “Friction 360” catalog with more than 2400 references covering all of friction lines and answering our customers demand of a convenient one-stop shop for Valeo’s friction proposal,

The one-stop shop supplier’s friction product range in this catalog presents an optimal solution for all braking needs. 3 major programs are displayed by Valeo Service.

Tech in Motion”, proposing the best technologies available for a cutting edge braking experience

Comfort in Motion”, addressing the high level of service which independent aftermarket specialists and motorists expect from a premium brand

Green in Motion”, proposing environmentally friendly products while keeping the same performance for high braking efficiency.

These programs ensure safety, quality, performance, and added value services within a 360 approach.

Within the catalog you will easily navigate through Valeo’s comprehensive portfolio of brake discs, pads, shoes, shoes kits and also the new lines on the braking family such as the brake drums; with the recently launched 100 new drums references completing the friction products loop. As a feature of this enhanced navigation, for each application you can identify at a glance the corresponding disc and pad or the full rear brake portfolio connected to it.

Containing parts for most passenger cars (PC) and light commercial vehicles (LCV) of the European Car Park, the catalogue fulfills the different crossing approaches, including a detailed image section for the different parts and in the case of pads with a visual of the accessories included and a convenient 1:1 technical designs and WVA numbers to facilitate the pad identification.

This catalogue has been developed with the “We Care For You” strategy spirit in mind, balancing the comprehensiveness of our portfolio with the accessibility of the information: our end goal is easing the catalog browsing and part identification for the garagist, so he can invest more time in bringing value to its customers and business.