NEXUS launches Nexus United, a central hub to support Ukrainian refugees


Ukrainian Crisis

Holding Statement

March 2nd, 2022


NEXUS reactivates Nexus United, with a central hub to support Ukrainian refugees starting today


Geneva, March, 2nd, 2022 – Before a full statement to come tomorrow on the conflict in Ukraine, NEXUS Automotive International is today relaunching a central hub address,, to co-ordinate offers of help and support the suffering refugees.

A war zone in Europe is a humanitarian issue for the wider N! community, and it is a command to act!

To be operational as quickly as possible, we have reactivated the address so that anyone can provide help, whether you are a Nexus member, Nexus supplier, a Nexus partner, or an individual.

Please offer whatever logistical support you can. Nexus Automotive International will push all offers to this dedicated address, and our N! community in Eastern Europe will take the lead to make all offers operational and see they reach those most in need.