New investments and a new assembly line for suspension bearings in Seynod

The NTN-SNR site in Seynod, France, has completed acceptance of its new, latest-generation assembly line for suspension bearings. This line complements the large range of machinery installed at this 42,000-m² production facility. In this growth market, especially in the aftermarket segment, NTN-SNR reaffirms its uncompromising standards of quality, reliability and safety through continuous investment in its French production site. It likewise reaffirms its leading position in original equipment and offers OEM-quality aftermarket components with quality control on 100% of the parts.

This level of quality is essential for chassis parts that play a direct role in vehicle safety, specifically in terms of road-holding characteristics and braking quality. With that in mind, in order to ensure optimal security, these suspension components should be replaced at the same time as the shock absorbers. That’s why NTN-SNR is also reinforcing its position on the aftermarket – one which will undoubtedly get a boost from the new motor vehicle inspection regulations. Here, the company’s OEM experience and premium quality production allow it to set ambitious growth objectives and position itself among the leading suppliers of these parts.

Investments in premium “Made in France” quality
Many millions of euros have been invested in the Seynod 1 factory to ensure optimal production quality for the latest generation of suspension bearings. A new press generating 600 tons of force performs a high-precision stamping process for greater productivity. In-line heat treatment is always handled on-site, and the production process has been complemented by two new assembly lines of the latest generation, the most recent installed on the 7th of February. Counting original equipment and aftermarket together, the Seynod factory produces more than 20 million suspension parts each year. As one of the leaders in this market, with a 35% market share in Europe, NTN-SNR applies its know-how and stringent original equipment quality standards to the benefit of its aftermarket suspension bearings. Each part is produced with premium quality. They are made of hardened steels along with high-quality plastics and lubricants. They are subjected to 100% quality control. Automatic measurement and inspection is conducted throughout the assembly process and a final visual inspection is performed before packaging. Moreover, all parts are subjected to extensive validation testing during development to verify compression/extension, impermeability to contamination, and endurance (bench testing).

A safety-related part that absolutely must be replaced together with the shock absorbers
Enhanced security through regulatory recommendations and changes
As chassis components that directly affect vehicle safety, suspension kits are subject to particularly meticulous attention. Deteriorated suspensions can extend braking distance by as much as 15%, causing accidents as a result. With this in mind, NTN-SNR recommends replacing suspension bearings along the same lines and intervals as shock absorbers, i.e. between 75,000 and 100,000 km. Vital to the correct operation of the suspension system, this component is too often neglected. Improvements in motor vehicle inspection regulations should help to raise awareness of its importance and of the need to replace it.
Target 2020: 95% of car models covered by NTN-SNR aftermarket range in premium quality

With suspension bearings and kits that incorporate filtration parts, NTN-SNR’s suspension range is expanding year after year with more than 500 products today, including 386 suspension kits for front and rear applications. The goal is to achieve 95% coverage by 2020. That makes it one of the most extensive ranges in the aftermarket segment for this type of part. They form part of NTN-SNR’s chassis department, which operates under the banner of “#SecurityInside”. This range benefits from NTN-SNR’s “Made in France” original equipment quality.