Eurol launches a new product catalogue: a glossy guide with an overview of the Eurol product range. The product catalogue is a complementation of the product information provided on the Eurol website.

The new English catalogue contains over 500 Eurol branded products. In the catalogue Eurol’s extensive product range is handy organized and displayed by categories. Each product has a short description including the main product specifications and packaging variations. The catalogue is supplemented with glossy images and corporate information about the only independent lube oil blender from the Netherlands.

Dennis Marsman, Marketing Manager at Eurol: “The product catalogue is a complementation of the complete product information we offer on our website. There is a permanently need for a printed catalogue. Many people appreciate the simplicity of reading. Moreover, there still are many regions in the world with a slow internet connection. We want to facilitate all our international dealers offering the Eurol range to their customers. For them this product catalogue is a perfect tool.”

Are you as a professional user interested in the product catalogue?

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