Eurol introduces Specialty Lubricants with SYNGIS® Technology

Eurol is taking the next step in the development of special lubricants. With the introduction of ‘Specialty Lubricants’ Eurol is launching a line of high quality specialty lubricants that help to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The SYNGIS® Technology in the Specialty Lubricants allows lubricating and protective properties to reinforce one another to a maximum under extreme conditions.

The development of Specialty Lubricants with the SYNGIS Technology took years of research. The technology, developed by Eurol R & D laboratory in collaboration with research institutes, is characterized by a synergistic combination of new generation additives and synthetic base oils and / or thickeners. This combination provides the lowest possible friction and strong protective properties.

Eurol Specialty Lubricants are designed for extreme and widely varying conditions, among others, in the field of pressure and load duration, temperature and humidity. The Specialty Lubricant range also includes certified food grade lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Demonstrable savings for our customers

Martijn Pfeiffer, director of Eurol, about the new line: “The use of Specialty Lubricants by our customers leads to savings in time and money. Due to the use, machine parts wear less quickly, the maintenance costs reduce and the production capacity increases. On our new website www. you can find all information about the cost savings we offer to our customers.


Pfeiffer continues: “Within the organization, we have a Eurol Specialty Lubricants team with developers, engineers, consultants and a technical support desk. The advantage for the customer is that with these specialists we are able to offer customized solutions for diverse technical lubricating issues. This goes so far that, if necessary, we can develop a new lubricant together with the customer. This is an extreme form of co-creation with which we clearly distinguish ourselves. ”

About Eurol

Eurol is the only Dutch independent manufacturer of lubricants and technical fluids, active in more than 70 countries. As an allround supplier Eurol has a full-service approach with a complete product range of lubricants, additives, technical liquids, cleaning, maintenance products and Specialty Lubricants. We offer products for multiple segments such as automotive, transport, bicycle and motorcycle markets, agriculture, civil engineering, industrial and marine. The use of Eurol products in motor and car sports, including Dakar, is the ultimate proof of our quality. Moreover, our products received approvals from leading motor vehicle manufacturers. The “Quality is in our nature” promise is the core of Eurol’s employees: we are dedicated to provide your vehicle with the perfect lubrication under all circumstances.