More and more diesel engines in cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles use AdBlue to reduce harmful NOx emissions. Eurol introduces a high-quality AdBlue in a handy 5 and 10-liter packaging and in 210 liter bulk packaging.

Since 2006, AdBlue has been used in heavy duty vehicles with a SCR-system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to comply with Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 legislation. Since 2014, AdBlue is also becoming more common in cars with Euro 6 diesel engines with SCR systems.

Eurol AdBlue is a clear fluid designed to treat exhaust gases to meet the emission standards. To ensure proper operation of the SCR system and to prevent damage to the catalytic converter, it is important to use high-quality AdBlue. Eurol AdBlue meets all required qualifications and is mixed with the exhaust gases in the SCR system. The chemical reaction between Eurol AdBlue and the exhaust gases in the SCR system converts harmful NOx emissions into harmless water and nitrogen.

Eurol introduces a 5L packaging with handy pouring spout. Spilling belongs to the past and you save time and money!

About Eurol: 40 years of quality

Eurol is the only Dutch independent manufacturer of lubricants and technical fluids, active in 75 countries. Eurol is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. As an allround supplier Eurol has a full-service approach with a complete product range of lubricants, technical liquids, cleaning and maintenance products. Eurol products received approvals from leading motor vehicle manufacturers. Moreover, the use of Eurol products in motor and car sports, including Dakar, is the ultimate proof of the premium quality. The “Quality is in our nature” promise is the core of Eurol’s 168 employees: dedicated professionals who are dedicated to provide vehicles with the perfect lubrication under all circumstances.

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