Hitachi selected for Volkswagen’s “FAST” program

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. today announced that it has been selected by Volkswagen AG as a strategic partner in the field of gasoline injection systems for Volkswagen’s Future Automotive Supply Tracks (FAST) program.

FAST was launched in February 2015, as a strategic partner program initiative for strengthening the relationship between Volkswagen and its suppliers, and accelerating innovations and global expansion in new product development.

The selection of the FAST partners is based on product capabilities, development capabilities, global footprint, and other evaluation items such as the transparency of corporate activities. As the outstanding partner in each field, the selected suppliers will be able to collaborate right from the beginning in Volkswagen’s development of new products.

So far, 55 suppliers in 61 fields have been selected. Hitachi Automotive Systems’ selection in the gasoline injection category reflects Volkswagen’s high evaluation of Hitachi Automotive Systems’ supply of high-quality, high-reliability Direct Injection Engine systems. On June 1st, Hitachi Automotive Systems and the other selected FAST partners convened at a FAST Summit held in Berlin, Germany, at which Volkswagen shared its strategic goals.

Hitachi Automotive Systems is utilizing its outstanding mechatronics and control technologies to develop and supply automotive equipment systems that contribute to the protection of the environment and to the elimination of traffic accidents. Hitachi Automotive Systems supplies Engine Management Systems that contribute to increasing engine efficiency, including, for the powertrains of internal combustion engines that account for more than 90% of the global vehicle market, Direct Injection Engine systems that are effective at reducing CO2 emissions, as well as Multi-Point Injection (MPI) systems that conform to international exhaust emissions regulations.

Hitachi Automotive Systems will further spread high-function systems in Europe and contribute to the protection of the environment through Volkswagen’s FAST partner opportunity.