Bosch workshop software ESI[tronic] 2.0: improved functions in current version

New user-friendly functions

Vehicle identification can be done, for instance, by means of the KBA code of the German Federal Motor Transport Authority or by the Vehicle Identification Number VIN. Once the vehicle has been identified, the workshop software ESI[tronic] purposefully supplies the mechanic with any required data and information for the respective service or repair task to be performed. Maintenance schedules, for instance, are directly linked to the required diagnostic steps and to the reset of the service-interval indicator at the respective control unit. The direct linkage of target and actual values is yet another novelty. With just one click, this allows the mechanic to compare the measured actual values with the respective target values. Moreover, the error code leads directly to additional diagnostic of repair instructions. Bosch ESI[tronic] automatically records all of the individual steps of the diagnosis. This protocol can then be printed out for the customer. In the same manner, values recorded during a test drive can later on be reproduced and reconstructed at the workshop.

Step-by-step instructions for the assembly and disassembly of vehicle components

Assembly and disassembly instructions of components inside the vehicle and on its exterior – including lighting devices, operating and display units as well as sensors – have now also been integrated into the ESI[tronic] software package. Body and paint shops as well as workshops not dealing with this type of tasks at their daily work will particularly benefit from the easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. High-resolution photos with integrated notes show the respective working steps for the most common models on the vehicle market. Bosch ESI[tronic] also supports mechanics for service tasks such as changing the brake fluid, replacing the diesel particulate filter or even the windshield. Any required working steps are displayed in a simple and easily understandable manner – also for tasks not forming part of everyday business.

According to EU regulations, commercial vehicles must be equipped with a tire-pressure control system (TPMS) since November 2014. For the tire service on commercial vehicles, Bosch ESI[tronic] thus also includes any required information for direct and indirect TPMS. In combination with the TPA 200 tester, workshops can easily test and program tire-pressure sensors without any problems.