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Powering the future of automotive aftermarket evolution

N! Services is not just about support – it is about catalyzing transformation. Dedicated to bolstering the community's growth, N! Services offers a myriad of advanced services tailor-made for the dynamic landscape of the garage network.


It champions a vibrant ecosystem where distributors, parts suppliers, and converge, collaboratively shaping the future. Through collective innovation and shared vision, N! Services pushes the envelope of digital solutions and sets new horizons in the automotive aftermarket industry.

In the fast-paced world of the automotive aftermarket, efficiency, precision, and innovation are paramount. That is where N! Services steps in.

N! Services: The ultimate garage solution provider

As part of NEXUS unwavering commitment to empower repair shops all around the globe, it has developed a comprehensive suite of services tailored to every independent garage need. From intuitive B2C solutions that bridge the gap between businesses and consumers, to state-of-the-art shop management systems, N! Services ensures operations run seamlessly. Whether you are seeking streamlined parts ordering, comprehensive technical data solutions, or expert technical support, N! Services has you covered. And, with the dedicated training programs, N! Services empowers technicians with the knowledge and skills to tackle tomorrow's automotive challenges today.

Join NEXUS journey, and let N! Services elevate your repair shop to new heights.

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WOP! The all-in-one digital platform for ultimate Garage efficiency

In the digital age of automotive service, the demand for streamlined, efficient solutions have never been higher. Enter WOP!,  the embodiment of garage innovation and simplicity.

Why WOP! stands out: 


Streamlined excellence: Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and platforms. WOP! integrates every facet of garage operations, from lead management to invoicing, into one cohesive platform.

All-in-one solution: Everything you need, all in one place. Whether it is parts identification, parts ordering, customer journey management, or technical support, WOP! has got it covered.


Unparalleled efficiency: Time is the heartbeat of your business. WOP! ensures every beat counts, maximizing productivity, reducing redundancies, and optimizing daily workflows.


Your garage deserves a platform that not only meets the demands of today but anticipates the needs of tomorrow. With WOP!, experience efficiency and innovation like never before, all while simplifying your day-to-day operations. 

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N!Academy - Stay ahead of the curve

In an industry marked by rapid advancements and shifting dynamics, N!Academy Cloud ensures that you are always equipped with the latest knowledge, techniques, and insights, positioning you at the vanguard of automotive excellence.

Recognizing this need, NEXUS develops a comprehensive international training program that merges the best of both worlds – top-tier expertise and cutting-edge digital accessibility.

Unified learning platform: Say goodbye to scattered resources. Whether you are delving into on-demand webinars, interactive e-learning modules, or browsing through our expansive video library, our intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) ensures a seamless, integrated learning experience.

Flexibility & convenience: We understand the rigors of your day-to-day. That is why our platform is designed to cater to your unique schedule. Dive into a quick e-learning module during your lunch break or schedule an on-site session through our comprehensive calendar feature. The choice is yours.

Industry-leading content: Our training is not just comprehensive; it is industry-defining. Courses are meticulously curated and delivered by our strategic parts suppliers and renowned training specialists, ensuring that you're learning from the very best.

Global network, personalized learning: While the scale of N!Academy Cloud is undeniably global, we understand the value of personalized learning. That is why we have tailored our content to cater to diverse learning styles and professional needs. Whether you are a visual learner or thrive in hands-on environments, we have got you covered.

The power of community has never been more essential

Introducing NEXUSAUTO and NEXUSTRUCK - more than just garage franchise concepts, they are the very embodiment of collaborative automotive expertise.

Grounded in the foundational strengths of our N! Services portfolio, these two distinguished networks bring together over 2,700+ garages from across the globe.

By becoming a part of NEXUSAUTO or NEXUSTRUCK, you are not just joining a franchise; you're becoming a crucial member of a vibrant, globally connected community :

Why join our esteemed network?

  • Shared expertise: Leverage the collective knowledge of thousands of automotive professionals. From the challenges faced by a repair shop in Paris to the innovative solutions implemented in Tokyo, the wisdom of the entire community is at your fingertips.
  • Strength in numbers: In a fragmented market, there is unparalleled power in unity. Benefit from shared marketing efforts, group services, and mutualized resources that individual garages can not access.
  • Access to world-class services: Tap into the comprehensive suite of services developed by N! Services. From B2C solutions to advanced training programs, the best tools of the trade are right at your disposal.
  • Future-ready: The automotive world is accelerating. By joining our network, you are ensuring your garage stays ahead, adopting the latest technologies, methodologies, and best practices the industry has to offer.

In the end, NEXUSAUTO and NEXUSTRUCK are more than just names. They represent a future where independent repairers aren't just surviving; they are thriving.

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