During the past years, the amount of electronics present in vehicles has been steadily on the increase. And this is a development in which HELLA, with its comprehensive OE experience, has been hugely instrumental for a long time.

One convincing example of this involvement is the CIPOS® position sensor technology, which in the meantime has been implemented in more than 750 million vehicles worldwide, with this number continuing to increase. In the 2015/16 fiscal year alone, over 100 million CIPOS® sensors were sold. The advantages are plain to see. As they are not sensitive to electromagnetic interference, the CIPOS® sensors guarantee an absolutely precise and reliable position measurement as, for example, in the case of accelerator pedal sensors. This is indeed technology with a promising future because these inductively operating CIPOS® sensors lend themselves perfectly for use in electric vehicles. The bottom line is that they can thus make a significant contribution to the future of electric mobility and driverless cars.

The Independent Aftermarket profits from such OE expertise

But not only in the world of automotive original equipment does the name HELLA stand for a treasure trove of electronics expertise. The same applies to the Independent Aftermarket to which HELLA has successfully transferred its OE expertise, resulting in countless advantages for the independent workshops. For HELLA offers comprehensive expert knowledge for practical craftsmen so that their work can be performed not only in a more easy and convenient way but that it is carried out, above all, more quickly, more efficiently and more profitably. Thanks to extensive documentation, practical guides, training courses and free 24/7 online assistance, such as that offered by the HELLA TECH WORLD information platform and by the electronics know-how tool, workshops can now access an extremely valuable pool of knowledge. This means that they receive first-hand electronics knowledge. And diagnostic expertise and workshop equipment, so vitally important for the field of electronics, are also provided by HELLA with the help of the diagnosis expert HELLA Gutmann.

Thanks to HELLA, “The Workshop’s Friend”, independent workshops are well equipped in all fields of work and are now ready to face the future.