DENSO has long been established as a pioneer in the development and advancement of spark plug technology, having already delivered many world firsts in the sector. Its unrelenting commitment to investing in R&D means it was responsible for the introduction of the U-groove, iridium electrodes, 360º laser welding and the world’s first Super Ignition Plug (SIP).

Innovative expertise

Now, with the launch of the new Iridium TT spark plug, the company’s innovation and expertise is brought to the fore once again. The Iridium TT features the world’s smallest electrode diameter at 0.4mm, meaning that it demonstrates superior spark power and provides more effective ignition of air-fuel mixture. It also offers immense durability, with a lifespan of up to 120,000km – more than three times that of a standard nickel plug.

Distributors of DENSO parts have always had access to a large variety of products thanks to the company’s advanced, OE-quality automotive ranges for the independent aftermarket sector. Thanks to the introduction of the Iridium TT spark plug, GROUPAUTO customers will now have a range of new opportunities available at their fingertips.

Premium technology

The technology involved in the creation of the Iridium TT was brand new in 2004/2005, when it was only available to luxury vehicles, with the aim of maintaining the high output of the engines without compromising low emissions and fuel consumption. This technology was too expensive for use on lower-value vehicles but now DENSO’s acclaimed design capability has brought this premium technology to a much wider audience and a much more expansive range of vehicles for the first time.

The introduction of the Iridium TT also heralds a more streamlined range of DENSO spark plug products. This in itself represents an opportunity for customers to offer a premium product – featuring the highest concentration of iridium in the market combined with DENSO’s SIP technology – to a much wider customer base.

Ultimate performance

The consolidated range also means it will be easier for distributors to upgrade customers from standard nickel or platinum plugs to a superior range. Available now for EU5/EU6-compliant vehicles, the Iridium TT is ideal for improving the performance of cars with lower-spec engines.

DENSO has always been committed to the advancement of automotive technology, as well as the leading quality standards that make the firm what it is today. The Iridium TT is the perfect illustration of this, bringing the ultimate in spark plug technology to the aftermarket.

It is this advanced technology that offers factors and garages the distinct advantage, and means once again they are gaining the upper hand in relation to technological knowledge, which in turn increases customers’ confidence in their expertise.

DENSO’s Spark Plug programme: an overview

  • All-makes, OEM quality programme, advanced technology upgrade.
  • 685 automotive part numbers (references) covering 40,886 automotive applications – equivalent to 97% of the European car market.
  • More than 385 part numbers (references) covering Motorcycle, Marine, Snowmobile and Small Engine applications.
  • Spark Plug ranges include: Standard (Nickel), Single Platinum, Double Platinum, Twin Tip (TT), Iridium Tough, Double Needle Iridium Tough, Iridium Long Life, Iridium Power, Iridium Racing and Super Ignition Plugs (SIP).