With over 7,700 items, the thermal management experts at Behr Hella Service offer a comprehensive range of parts for vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling. The portfolio breaks down into two lines: Standard and PREMIUM LINE.

All Behr Hella Service products profit from the company’s thorough understanding of thermal management and offer numerous benefits for dealers and workshops alike. This applies in particular to the PREMIUM LINE product range, which is characterized by top performance and durability.

The PREMIUM LINE designation encompasses approx. 4,700 articles produced by reputable manufacturers such as BEHR, AKG or Visteon, boasting OE expertise. Alongside these goods, the standard range of approximately 3,000 articles will be offered. It will continue to be the cornerstone of the Behr Hella Service portfolio. For specific applications, in many cases customers can choose between PREMIUM LINE and Standard product models.

The successful Behr Hella Service PREMIUM LINE product range was recently augmented with various different products that cover many application areas, particularly with respect to e-mobility. To this end, the electric coolant pumps not only provide engine cooling, but also cover many other application areas such as indirect intercooling, exhaust gas recirculation cooling, transmission cooling and cooling of the drivetrain, power electronics and batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles.

The new SANDEN electric compressors ? now in their second generation ? which are distributed exclusively by Behr Hella Service for the independent European parts market, combine ultra-high efficiency across a broad operating range with maximum durability, low vibration levels and minimal oil circulation.

The modern exhaust gas recirculation coolers leverage a sophisticated functional principle to reduce the combustion temperature in the engine in targeted fashion, thereby also lowering nitrogen oxide levels.

Also new in the lineup are select components for the brand new, especially environmentally friendly R744 refrigerant. Behr Hella Service also profits from the OE know-how of BEHR, the developer of the world’s first R744 air-conditioning system.

More information on these and other products in the PREMIUM LINE product range ? such as the high-quality PAG, PAO and POE compressor oils ? can be found on the Behr Hella Service Internet Website at www.behrhellaservice.com/premiumline.

There you will find not only a link to the online catalog, but also detailed information on the Behr Hella Service branding concept.