• Aftermarket experts, Comline, add calipers to their award-winning friction portfolio.

  • All-new range complements the brand’s existing braking offer, which includes R-90 approved pads, and fully coated discs.

  • Serving all popular European, Japanese, and Korean vehicles, Comline’s caliper range delivers consistent, reliable quality and reaffirms the brand’s position as ‘experts in braking’.


Aftermarket experts, Comline, have further bolstered their award-winning friction portfolio by adding an all-new range of high-quality calipers to their line-up.  Complementing the brand’s existing braking offer, which includes a stellar range of R-90 approved pads and fully coated discs, the newly launched category serves all popular European, Japanese, and Korean vehicles.  In-stock and available for immediate delivery, Comline’s latest product category comes complete with a comprehensive 2-year (40,000-mile / 65,000 km) warranty as standard.

Comline has developed a strong reputation for braking and a proven track record for supplying parts that tick the box for both quality and genuine value for money,” said
Peter Allen, Comline’s Product Manager – Braking.

“Until now this has focused exclusively on our all makes range of pads and coated discs but, following months of meticulous planning and market research, we are excited to be broadening this focus to include brake calipers. Like their stablemates, this product range will carry the same Comline promise of delivering guaranteed performance, absolute reliability, and inherent value for money.

“It’s a great way to kick off the new decade, and we are confident that Comline calipers will be well received by our customers around the globe.”

Versatile in application, Comline’s caliper line-up comprises all new units (zero remanufacturing / surcharge requirements) covering front and rear variants for an extensive list of applications.  Standard cast iron references, all of which are zinc coated to prevent corrosion, are offered alongside lightweight aluminium options. In addition, the range features applications designed to cater for electronic park brake technology.

Manufactured to OE specification, every Comline caliper is precisely crafted to TS1649 standards in world-class, ISO compliant manufacturing facilities.  Leaving nothing to chance, quality is assured thanks to extensive control procedures, which test each component in a variety of environments against stringent criteria.  Examples include but are not limited to the following tests:

Pressure Performance Monitoring:
Here the calliper is observed while operating at both low and high-pressure settings.  Starting with the lower threshold, the caliper operates at 0.4MPA and over a set period the pressure level is increased to 7MPA. Providing there is no loss of pressure during this tolerance test the caliper passes this vital check.

Corrosion Resistance Analysis:
For a caliper to deliver optimum performance, it must be free from rust and corrosion.  To ensure all Comline calipers are resistant to degradation every part undergoes an accelerated salt spray test.

The specialist apparatus used in the salt spray test consists of a sealed chamber where a salt-water solution is atomised through spray nozzles using pressurised air. This produces a corrosive environment of dense salt-water fog in the chamber.  This controlled environment recreates severe weather conditions and tests the anti-corrosive properties of the caliper to its limits.  For a Comline caliper to be approved for sale, the part needs to withstand this extreme testing without any signs of degradation for a continuous period of 72 hours.

With the introduction of a new range of high-quality calipers, Comline further underlines its strengthening position within the aftermarket and sees the brand braking into a new decade in style.

For more information and to check out the Comline range, please visit: ww.comline.uk.com