CLEANTECH: New Hella wiper blades

The lighting and electronics specialist HELLA has new wiper blades in its product line. The wiper blades in the “Cleantech” product series are aerodynamically curved and therefore provide for effective wiping performance. In addition, the familiar EASYCHANGE system makes it easy to attach as well as replace the wiper blades. The Cleantech wiper blades are also suitable for almost all vehicle models. The package includes the pre-installed adapter and five additional adapters. This covers 98 percent of all vehicle models – regardless of whether they are from a newer or older series.

Whether you only drive occasionally or are constantly on the road, it is vital to see the road clearly. HELLA Cleantech wiper blades give the windshield a top-quality cleaning. This is ensured by their aerodynamic design. The design results in a uniform distribution of forces on the windshield, which minimizes the formation of streaks. Furthermore, the aerodynamic design reduces the wind uplift, thereby reducing the wind noise as well. The design also reduces the wear on the wiper blades. In addition, the rubber of the wiper blades consists of an OEM-specific composition and is also coated with graphite. As a result, the wiper blade and windshield rub against each other less at their areas of contact. This guarantees not only smooth and quiet operation, but also a longer service life. The spoiler is robust, too. It consists of thermoplastic material and stainless steel, which make it weatherproof and UV-resistant.