Cabin Air Filters: Quality matters

The Cabin Air Filter (CAF) is a filtration medium that improves air quality and filters out pollution from the air that circulates inside it. It also functions as a fundamental part of the vehicle’s ventilation system.

Almost 82% of all European cars are now fitted with Cabin Air Filters, and CAF replacement is an increasingly vital opportunity for both distributors and garages.

Drivers are ever more aware of air pollutants. Particularly in major cities where traffic jams, road works and industrial smog can make for unpleasant driving – high quality cabin air filters are key to protecting against pollutants.

The right quality

The two key filters currently on the market are Particle (or particulate) filters and Combination (or carbon) filters, and there is a significant difference between the two.

Particle filters offer a basic but vital solution; trapping and holding fine pollutants such as dust, bacteria, pollen and soot preventing them from entering the car’s cabin. DENSO’s high quality Particle filters can remove particles just a few tenths of a micron in size.

Combination filters provide more comprehensive protection, and should be the first stop for drivers with respiratory problems, children or have any concerns about their overall health. Using high quality, non-woven fabric that is enhanced by an additional layer of activated charcoal, Combination filters are much more effective at removing pollutants, as well as eliminating unpleasant, even harmful, gases and smells.

Combination Filters offer a complete solution for at-risk drivers or passengers and will pay dividends in health benefits and cabin comfort. Importantly, a quality CAF will not stress the other components in the car’s HVAC system protecting the car owner from possible expensive damages in the future.

DENSO offers an extensive range of Cabin Air Filters designed and manufactured to the same OE quality that vehicle manufacturers choose for their new cars. DENSO offers original equipment HVAC expertise as the world’s number one OE developer of HVAC systems.

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