Brembo OE expertise to premium end of the aftermarket

For half a century premium car makers have recognised Brembo as a true leader in their highly specialised market segment. Components for high-end cars require a carefully customized technical approach and innovative solutions. These characteristics were traditionally developed and offered by carmakers.

That changes today with the launch of Brembo`s dedicated range of Aftermarket integral and composite brake discs (including floating discs). Brembo is now bringing its exclusive expertise as a supplier of top-of-the-range braking systems for the world’s most prestigious cars to the design and manufacture of Aftermarket components for high-end cars.

The new Aftermarket range features high performance technical innovations, including:

– Specific materials

– Dedicated venting solutions

– Customized machining of the braking surface

Thanks to these technical solutions, Brembo guarantees top performance even in extreme conditions, highly durable brake components and the best driving experience. The new Aftermarket range, which will be expanded over coming months, already covers top models of such important brands as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Aston Martin and others.

Floating discs

The new Aftermarket product range includes premium applications that require highly specialist floating discs. In the Brembo aftermarket catalogue these are available, for example, for the Mercedes C 63 AMG (W204/S204), Audi’s RS4 (8EC/8ED) and Aston Martin’s Vanquish (R2A).

Floating discs meet the need of premium sports cars, in particular, for lightweight and high performing braking systems. The weight reduction plays a primary role in the design of such brake systems. The floating disc meets this requirement.

Using an aluminium hub guarantees a significant reduction in unsprung weight, with a positive effect on comfort, handling and fuel consumption / emissions. The performance of the system benefits from the combination of the hub of the disc with the brake surface but each part maintains the possibility to swell even when thermally stressed. This highly specialised design allows uniform expansion that prevents the disc from deforming, even when it is overheated.

Brembo now offers Aftermarket professionals a truly comprehensive range of Aftermarket products covering all the requirements of the car park, including at the very top end.