Brembo celebrates 40 years in Formula One

The Brake By Wire (BBW) system, optimised braking system cooling, innovative brake calipers and advanced in disc technology are just some of the most significant new developments to be introduced for the 2015 season.

With an involvement in Formula One beginning in 1975, Brembo – the world’s number one producer of advanced braking technology and high performance braking systems – celebrates its 40th anniversary in the world’s premier motorsports series and reasserts its technological leadership by equipping the most important teams with its braking systems for the 2015 season, for example: Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Ferrari.

Following the significant changes in regulations introduced in 2014, which revolutionised braking systems with the introduction of Brake By Wire (BBW) technology, the 2015 season ushers in yet another evolution in assisted braking, alongside major improvements to further optimise brake system cooling.

The teams equipped by Brembo will be using new more efficient brake calipers which benefit from a better integration into the wheel corner – a factor which also contributes to improving the overall aerodynamic performance of the race car. The manufacture of each of these new brake calipers in aluminium/lithium requires over 14 hours of consecutive machining to achieve the perfect balance between weight and stiffness.

Brembo was responsible for the design, simulation and engineering of the brake system as a whole and of the individual components of the Brake By Wire system. With the benefit of 40 years of experience in racing and the Italian company’s continuous commitment to investing in research and development, Brembo’s engineers further broadened their skills in order to develop and produce a variety of different BBW components in response to the requisites of each individual team. In addition to this, the engineers also worked to optimise the assembly of the parts within the system and to further miniaturise the components themselves.

For certain teams, Brembo developed the actuator only, which acts as an interface between the hydraulic system of the race car and the rear calipers. For other teams, Brembo conducted more extensive projects encompassing a substantial portion of the BBW circuit, such as the valves switching the Brake By Wire system between normal and emergency operating state and the simulator recreating the sense of stiffness in the rear circuit to provide the driver with adequate brake pedal feedback.