Bosch is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of brake system components. Brake pads are manufactured to the highest quality standards in Bosch production facilities in Juárez (Mexico) and Nanjing (China). At the development laboratories in Karlsruhe (Germany) and Chicago (USA), Bosch engineers elaborate new pad mixtures geared to the specific requirements of each vehicle model.

Bosch tests are more stringent than what is legally required in Europe

Regulation ECE R90 specifies criteria for the evaluation of the performance of friction components. For marketing approval, brakes and brake pads are subject to stringent tests based on this regulation. While according to ECE R90 the shear strength, pressure sensitivity, speed sensitivity and thermal stability are tested, the requirements in Bosch tests call for much

more. Temperature sensitivity, loss of braking efficiency (fading), thermal conductivity, brake vibration, noise characteristics, wear of brake pads and discs are evaluated in direct comparison with original-equipment ones. Simulation of extreme braking situations is also part of the test program.

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