Behr Hella Service promotes sustainability with its new products

  • Electrical coolant pumps save fuel and reduce exhaust gas emissions
  • Exhaust gas recirculation radiators reduce nitrogen oxides and contribute to the observing of the tough Euro 6 limit values
  • The first spare part for the new R744 refrigerant is now on offer for the Independent Aftermarket

    The subject of vehicle electrification is a driving trend in the automotive industry. This phenomenon can also be seen reflected in the business with independent workshops. So, in order to support these independent workshops competently during such a change, the thermal management expert Behr Hella Service has extended its range accordingly. In future, electrical coolant pumps and exhaust gas recirculation radiators will assist the work of environmentally-friendly engine cooling in vehicles. And what is more, now the company is bringing onto the market the first-ever spare part for the new CO2 refrigerant (R744), produced by BEHR. The vast majority of passenger cars is equipped with mechanically driven water pumps, which are connected with the drive via belts. Electrical water pumps, however, only convey coolant if such an action is necessary. This is done electronically and independently of the engine’s rotational speed, its RPMs. Consequently, the coolant pump can provide sufficient cooling power even when the engine is idle or after it has been switched off. Conversely, in the case of a cold start, the pump does not initially convey any coolant. This helps the engine to reach its operating temperature more quickly. Such a customized style of engine cooling, provided as required, reduces power consumption, minimizes exhaust gas emissions and also saves on fuel. Behr Hella Service has recently included in its PREMIUM LINE range the electrical coolant pump, which can be used in internal combustion engines and also in hybrid and electric vehicles. The product portfolio features about 4,500 products which are manufactured by BEHR, AKG, Visteon and also by other producers with OE expertise.

    With a view to minimizing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and in order to observe the tough Euro 6 limit values, Behr Hella Service now has exhaust gas recirculation radiators (EGR radiators) in its program. These cool a part of the exhaust gas flow and redirect it into the intake air. In this way the combustion temperature in the engine drops, thus bringing about a reduction of the amount of nitrogen oxides. Pneumatic and electrical actuators on the EGR radiator see to the metering or controlling of the exhaust gas recirculation rate from the radiator to the combustion chamber. Clearly illustrated function charts and instructions on troubleshooting regarding the subject of exhaust gas recirculation can be found online in the HELLA Tech World site.

    Air-conditioning systems that use the naturally occurring CO2 (R744) as a refrigerant are on the rise. With its GWP (global warming potential / greenhouse potential) of just 1, CO2 is particularly climate-friendly. The GWP reflects the harm a refrigerant poses to the environment in relation to the climate impact of CO2. The legal stipulation is a value below 150. Behr Hella Service is now one of the first suppliers to stock selected components for R744 refrigerant circuits as an exclusive dealer for the Independent Aftermarket. In doing so, Behr Hella Service combines the OE know-how of BEHR, the developer of the world’s first R744 air-conditioning system, with the sales expertise of HELLA.

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