April 2017: New Air-Conditioning Equipment Catalog Cars and Light Trucks

The new 2017/2018 air-conditioning equipment catalog for passenger cars and light trucks from Behr Hella Service will be available from April 2017 onwards. On more than 1,000 pages, workshops will be able to locate vehicle-specific spare parts and also universal parts for vehicle air conditioning.

In addition, air-conditioning compressor oils for cars and transporters will also be featured. Behr Hella Service now boasts 467 new articles in its portfolio, including the product group covering electrical controls for blending flaps. This means that the catalog includes a total of more than 3,000 articles for over 70 vehicle brands, thus encompassing more than 1,900 vehicle models. All those interested can obtain the catalog from their own trade partner or, alternatively, direct from their HELLA sales partner.

Behr Hella Service has once again ramped up navigation through the catalog in order to improve user-friendliness. Workshop users will find an overview of all the newly included parts on the first pages of the catalog. The last pages of the catalog list up which articles have been discontinued or replaced. The main body of the catalog uses a range of symbols for smart searching in order to clearly depict the various product features such as oil quantity in the compressor, fan power consumption or the number of fan blades. In this way, for example, the “Premium Line” product labeling that was introduced at the beginning of this year can be recognized immediately. Premium Line comprises products which are manufactured by Behr, AKG, Visteon and other manufacturers who have OE expertise at their fingertips. Thus, it becomes immediately apparent whether it is a Premium or a Standard product. And last but not least, the new air-conditioning catalog also provides exact details as to whether condensers, evaporators and interior blowers are fitted, in each case, with filter dryers, expansion valves or blower controllers or whether these spare parts have to be ordered separately by workshops.