Added value for garages: The expanded CSC Tool

The modular CSC Tool system (CSC = Camera and Sensor Calibration) from Hella Gutmann allows garages to professionally calibrate cameras on vehicles from numerous car brands in conjunction with current mega macs diagnostic units. In addition, conventional radar systems can be adjusted with the help of new kits.


Driver assistance systems have enjoyed great popularity among car drivers for years – and this trend is set to continue growing. No longer just the preserve of the luxury class and upper mid-range, these useful electronic helpers are increasingly being implemented in vehicles from the lower mid-range and compact class. Whether intelligent cruise control, lane assistant or automatic parking assist – to name just a few – the driver assistance systems not only provide greater comfort, but also a higher level of safety.


It is imperative to calibrate and/or adjust systems that function on the basis of high-precision information from the high-tech sensors installed in the vehicle, such as video cameras and radar sensors, in order to ensure that they continue to work precisely and smoothly after repairs. Due to the increasing number of vehicles equipped with driver assistance systems, professional calibration options are becoming a necessity for more and more garages – and no longer just for the big glass specialists.


This is exactly where the CSC Tool from Hella Gutmann is deployed. Developed for the specialist requirements of free garages and service operations, it can join forces with a diagnostic unit from the mega macs range to enable the calibration and adjustment of the high-precision sensors to be carried out. Here, the diagnostic unit is responsible for the communication with the control unit and the step-by-step guiding of the user. Reference panels precisely aligned to the geometric driving axle of the vehicle are among the most important pre-requisites in most cases – and this is the point at which the CSC Tool comes into play.


The modular CSC Tool system – which has proved its worth in operation since 2013 – has now been considerably expanded once more, thereby offering garages the option of calibrating cameras for a total of 17 different car brands. The basic CSC Tool comprises the height-adjustable base support with adjusting bar and two mirror units, two laser measuring heads and two calibrating reference panels that already cover the most important brands of the Volkswagen Group and Mercedes-Benz. Additional calibrating reference panels and software extensions facilitate static camera calibrations on vehicles from Renault, Nissan, Kia/Hyundai, Honda and Mazda, in addition to dynamic calibrations on vehicles from BMW, Mitsubishi, Ford and Volvo.

The application in garages is conceivably easy for the user, as the diagnostic unit guides you through the successive individual work steps, right the way through to the initial click that starts the actual calibration process in the control unit. Matching the image from the vehicle camera to the target image saved in the system only takes a few seconds, and the entire process is completed in around 20-30 minutes.


Thanks to the new addition of radar kits to the modular system, conventional radar systems can also be adjusted using the combination of the mega macs and CSC Tool units. As with all sensors whose measurements take place at distances of several hundred meters, these sensors must also be precisely adjusted to the geometrical driving axle (rear axle) of the vehicle. However, by contrast to the rigid attachment of a camera to the windshield, a radar sensor can usually be re-positioned along its X- and Y-axis using screws, thereby also adjusting its measurement field. With the basic radar kit, consisting of an angle adjusting plate that is mounted on the base support of the CSC Tool, all radar sensors can be adjusted whose measurement field is determined using its own radar signal (e.g. for Audi, VW and BMW). Moreover, a laser attachment with a scale that is also contained in the kit facilitates the adjustment of radar heads that are adjusted using lasers (including many VW models). This also contains the Mercedes-Benz models of the last 10 to 15 years, for which an optional adapter kit is available.


Garages can benefit from the expanded Hella Gutmann CSC Tool in several ways: Taking into account charges of several hundred euros per calibration/adjustment process for the driver assistance systems, the capital expenditure can quickly pay off. However, the fact that self-sufficient, professional work on modern vehicles will be near-impossible in the future without a multi-brand option for calibrating the high-tech sensors – at least for accident repairs – will make things even more difficult.

There is a video demonstrating an example of camera calibration using mega macs and the CSC Tool: