Valeo develops innovative systems aiming at reducing fuel consumption thus CO2 emissions, thanks to growing electrification trends. Valeo proposes as well products caring for passengers inside the vehicle to provide the best user experience possible.

Did you know that the pollution concentration inside a vehicle can be 3 to 5 times higher than outside? It is concerning, knowing the time people spend in their car. The most toxic pollutants that we can find into a car are: gases (CO, NOx, NO2, COV, SO2 and O3) and particles (PM10, PM2.5*). This high exposure is unhealthy and can be dangerous, even more for children because they breathe faster than adults inhaling more pollutants.

Valeo Service has your solution.

Valeo cares about your comfort and safety protection by offering a complete range of 3 cabin air filters, the first protection you need to have.

ClimFilter™ range aims at clearing the cabin from external pollutants and more:

> An anti-allergen filter : ClimFilter™ Supreme – Certainly the best product on the market today with all protection you can have into your car. It protects from particles (PM10, PM2.5) and gases (as CO, NOx, NO2…), with the same level as the particle or combined filter, and in addition is protecting from pollen allergen which can enter your car and cause allergic reactions.

It provides 96% efficiency against pollen allergens approved via tests performed in real conditions by the laboratory ANALYZAIR, under the scientific aegis of RNSA.

> A combined filter : ClimFilter™ Protect. – This filter protects you from particles and all gases that can normally enter your vehicle thanks to its active carbon technology.

> A particle filter : ClimFilter™ Comfort – The minimum protection you need to have in your car.

Valeo recommends to change ClimFilter™ every 15.000 km or every year and to use regularly your air conditioning system.

Furthermore in the air cleaning loop inside the vehicle, Valeo proposes its Air quality program :

> ClimPur™ : the A/C systems cleaning – A dedicated spray reacting in three actions: anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-corrosion. It protects the parts in the A/C loop, especially the evaporator.

> ClimSpray™: the complete air flow cleaning – A dedicated product aiming at purifying the vehicle by eliminating odors in the car thanks to an automatic diffusion in less than 15 minutes.

Valeo strives to provide the best driving experience to all its customers, thanks to its 5000 new references each year and over 14 product lines. More info on Valeo Service products is available on Valeo Service website.

*PM10: particles with a diameter below 10µm and PM2.5: particles with a diameter below 2.5µm.