Pure air in vehicles!

In times of increasing discussion about dust pollution in traffic and the rising numbers of people with allergies, air purity inside vehicles is becoming more and more of a focus for drivers, especially drivers with families. Read more

DENSO Wipers Keep High Speed Trains Safe

Reaching speeds of around 320 km per hour (200 miles per hour) they not only push the boundaries of what is possible technically, but significantly reduce passenger travel times. With thirteen trains an hour operating each way on the Tokyo-Osaka…

NEXUS strengthens leadership team to focus on key strategic priorities

25th January 2018 NEXUS Automotive International (N!) is strengthening its leadership team with an increased focus on key strategic priorities and building even closer ties with the N! Community around the globe. After four years of rapid…

E-Wazuma in-wheel motor technology

E-Wazuma in-wheel motor technology powered by NTN-SNR.

Nexus, l’innovazione non aspetta

Facciamo il punto sulle iniziative promosse e sugli obiettivi raggiunti in un anno denso di cambiamenti e novità Innovazione e servizi sempre più strutturati sono stati al centro dell’attività di Nexus Automotive International che, durante…

CES Las Vegas 2018

At CES for the fifth consecutive year, in 2018 Valeo is unveiling its latest innovations, which are at the epicenter of the three revolutions shaping today’s automotive industry: electrification, autonomous vehicles and digital mobility.   Valeo’s…

NEXUS and Alternative Autoparts announce their partnership

NEXUS Automotive International (N!) has announced a partnership with Alternative Autoparts, a leading group of independent French car dealers. Alternative Autoparts was created 18 months ago and has 28 members, distributors of automotive spare…