Movie-impression of N! members Urvi-AgerAuto at Motortec Madrid 2015

URVI highlights the recent inclusion in Nexus International Automotive, S.A. and a examples of news and preferential suppliers in our distribution group.

The Eurol additives range: quality and convenience in one package

Eurol has a top-quality additives range. The range consists of 24 varieties with diesel and gasoline additives, engine and transmission oil additives and radiator additives. Extensive research has preceded the development of Eurol additives.…

Nexus fait le plein en Algérie

, / Hervé Daigueperce Alors que les grands importateurs du 2e pays le plus important dans le secteur automobile africain tentent de réponde aux besoins de professionnalisation et d'organisation de la filière, la proposition…

Carzone China visit by Nexus Automotive International

N! Bas Donders visiting Carzone China. Carzone is one of the biggest parts distributor, having 124 sales outlets, 7 DC’s and covering half of China. Carzone is a benchmark on how to operate successful in Chinese aftermarket.

Sourcing Committee visiting manufacturers

N! Sourcing Committee (Laurel Clark, Nigel Atkins from Parts Alliance, Bas Donders from N!) visiting manufacturers, closing its first group tender agreement regarding 'private label'.

Nexus visits member ZBEDA Group

Visit of Nexus CEO Gael Escribe to ZBEDA. Nexus member ZBEDA Group is absolute leader of the Israelian market. Their offices, the warehouse, the team... simply first class!

Eurol into the future

Discover the main future developments of the Eurol Lubricants company. Watch the corporate movie:

Douadi Automotive, Tradex France, A&M Distribution and RK Import join Nexus

We are extremely honored to inform you that the following companies have joined our organization on February 1, 2015: Douadi Automotive SARL (Algeria)/Tradex France SA Founded in 2008, Douadi Automotive has its head office in Batna, Algeria.…

Nexus present at Motortec Spain

Nexus Automotive International present at Motortec Spain 11-14 March 2015. Lluis Tarres (IDAP), Gael Escribe (CEO Nexus Automotive International), Fergus Reid (The Parts Alliance)

Winners of Dakar Rallye equipped with GKN driveshafts

All race teams of the Top 13 ranking of this year’s Dakar rallye had been equipped with GKN’s propshafts and sideshafts. Dakar Rallye finished on the 17th January 2015 after more than 9,000 stage kilometres. The race started and ended in…